landscaping services

We offer a variety of landscaping services for clients in the Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County areas. Our specialities include living walls, large landscaping containers, in-ground focal points and fountain areas. 

multi-unit buildings

We have extensive experience with multi-unit buildings for both the management and individual tenants. We are fully bonded and insured and are familiar with weight restrictions and HOA procedures. 

This balcony on the Wilshire Corridor is adorned with a collection of our "Oakland" series planters filled with succulents in neutral hues to echo the homeowners existing decor. Low maintenance and low-light friendly, our plants are perfect for these locations and for the homeowner who wants to enjoy a scenic view without added maintenance. 

monument containers

Our specialty are large-scale "monument" containers for residential homes or commercial buildings. Whether you have an existing planter that you would like to breathe new life into, or are looking for the perfect addition to your space - we can help create a visually inspiring and low-maintenance focal point. 

focal point landscaping

From fountain bases to pool area accents, there's always an area that can use some focal point landscaping with drought tolerant and colorful succulents and native plant species. 

These blissful little accent spots are what make the difference between a good landscape and a great one. Let us create a space that inspires, impresses and lasts the test of time - with virtually zero maintenance!

Living walls

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