Plant Care FAQ

We hope you're loving your new succulents, but we know that sometimes caring for living things can be tough - so we're here to answer all of your succulent care questions.

Q: I just received my arrangement, what should I do next?

A: Congrats on your new pals! When you take delivery of your new arrangement, all of the plants are fully watered - so you can kick back and enjoy their beauty for at least a week or two before worrying about watering. Just make sure they have a decent amount of filtered sunlight!

Q: A few weeks have passed, should I water them now?

A: Not so fast! Succulents hate being over watered - so it's imperative to check the soil before watering. The best way to do this is stick a toothpick or small wooden dowel into the soil - if the stick comes out completely clean and dry, it's time to water!

Q: The soil is totally dry. How much water should I give them?

A: A good rule of thumb is about 2 tablespoons per plant. We recommend using a shot-glass or another small vessel to make sure you don't over water. Unless your plants live outside, it's always best to under water.

Q: My container is glass, should I water more or less?

A: If you have an arrangement in a glass or metal container, it's always best to cut your watering cycle down by a week or two. Water is unable to naturally be absorbed by these containers, meaning the water collects and stays in the container longer than our ceramic and terracotta containers.

Q: My plants are turning black. Help!

A: If you notice any darkening of the leaves, black splotches or mushy wrinkly leaves - STOP WATERING IMMEDIATELY! Some plants can be saved by completely cutting off all watering until normal growth reappears - you can prune off any dark or mushy leaves to help the plant dehydrate.

Q: The bottom leaves are dry and crunchy. What do I do?

A: This is totally normal. As succulents grow, they steal nutrients from their bottom leaves to aid new growth. Simply prune off the dead leaves with your fingertips.

Q: My plants are starting to stretch and look like little trees, is this normal?

A: Yes and no. Stretching means that your plant(s) is looking for more light. This can be fixed by cutting off the stretched portion of the plant (yep, just take scissors and chop it off - succulents are tough!) and place the arrangement in an area where it gets plenty of sunlight - even outside!

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